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Wooden Toy History
- May 07, 2018 -

In foreign countries, as early as the sixteenth century, skilled craftsmen from Germany’s Böhigarden and Sänberg districts carved small animals in small quantities and shipped them to Nuremberg for sale. These inexpensive wooden toys are called lifelike. Nuremberg small objects, loved by people, through the Nuremberg sold to the entire Western world. The

In the 17th century, these wooden gadgets began to be hand-made and turned into mechanical processing. Belt lathes appeared. Some of the crafts were processed on lathes and then used for manual lighting. These wooden animals ranged from a few inches. A few feet tall, initially (about 1400 AD) appeared as a Christmas decoration. Later it developed a complete set of wooden toys called zoos, the most famous of which was Noah's Ark toy. The earliest Noah's Ark toy appeared in the 17th century, but it has been popular in North America and Europe for the last 150 years.