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Types And Making Of Parrot Toys
- Jun 24, 2018 -

The 1. parrots are intelligent animals. In the environment of human breeding, toys have both "entertainment" and "work", and bird toys are necessities, not accessories or ornaments. 2. keep the physical and mental health of the birds, such as the birds can peck the muscle strength and wear the appropriate length, can also make their spirit rich, reduce the behavior deviation and other psychological problems. The 3. bird toy is a chance for parrots to simulate the outdoor activities of birds in nature. Bird toys are a chance for parrots to simulate the outdoor activities of birds in nature.

The classification of bird toys (some toys will repeat in the same category, with more than two functions, but the main thing is to let you understand the needs of birds. 1 wastage toys in the field, parrots have to chisel their nests, fold branches to find food, and the most important thing is wood, leather, paper, thick cardboard as material.

A. wood, natural branches: from ASU to macawing, they all need a piece of wood that can be bitten. The destructive parrots can choose hard wood, such as bamboo, Myrica, walnut, and camphor. And so on, the lesser destructive parrot can be pine, mulberry and willow. And so on. I can also use both soft and hard methods. I myself have jasmine, jasmine drought tolerant, good species, almost all the year round, and the elasticity is good.

B. paper: waste paper, new shirts, cardboard, facial tissue boxes, fax paper, used the remaining paper tube.

C. the whole bunch of King rice dried in the sun.

D. pineal fruit.

E. clean towels.

F. foods that can be bitten, such as nuts.

2 non lossless toys

In nature, parrots use non lossless articles to peck and clean the body. Some owners are afraid of the destruction of the toys. Only this kind of non wastage toys, in fact, is wrong; the materials are metallic, acrylic, PVC plastic, and skin (such as the hard skin of dog toys).

A. key, metal or plastic spoon.

B. is tied to the end of the rope with buttons, bells, or circles.

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