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The Necessity Of Parrot Toys
- May 07, 2018 -

Wild parrots have evolved into cultured parrots while still retaining some of the wild habits. For example, they like to use crickets to destroy dry trees, like to use prickly bark, and also because if they are too long, they will fight up and down. , so it must be worn out. Therefore, the destructiveness of farmed parrots is relatively strong, and parrot toys can help parrots solve these problems.

The parrot's dependence on the owner is very strong. The approximate IQ of a grown parrot is equivalent to a 4-5 year old child, and the higher the IQ, the longer its lifespan. If the parrot does not have the companionship of the owner, it will feel Loneliness and emptiness may even be depressed, and a depressed parrot will pull out its own feathers, will make sharp calls, and it will be difficult to correct after becoming accustomed to it. Parrot toys can help parrots solve their feelings of loneliness when they leave. Emptiness.