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The Humble Bird Cage Is Very Particular
- Oct 20, 2018 -

The humble bird cage is very particular!

Bird cages are the main environment for the activities and habitats of ornamental birds. "Working for the good things, you must first sharpen the tools" The application of bird-raising equipment is one of the keys to the ability to raise ornamental birds. Therefore, only by properly arranging suitable bird cages and other attachments can the birds be healthy and lively, and they can be sung freely and suitable for viewing. According to different body shapes and habits, bird cages are divided into many species.

The bird cage is divided into a south bird cage and a bird cage in the north. The hometown of Chinese birdcage, the hometown of birdcage in Kara-South of Danzhai, Guizhou. Yihezhuang, Hebei Province, the hometown of North Cage.

Among the bird cage genres, the first push of the north cage - Beijing cage. Beijing is the capital of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. First of all, it is the center of politics, culture and economy. In order to meet the needs of the emperor and the aristocrats, all kinds of skilled craftsmen gathered together, and the craftsmanship of various places also flowed into Beijing, and the playthings such as bird cages were no exception. At that time, the courts of the Ming and Qing Dynasties had a manufacturing office, which was a good offering. Beijing-style bird cages maintain a high level of skill. With the participation of literati, the bird cage slowly became a kind of literary play that can be watched. The social leisure class is popular, which further promotes the innovation and improvement of the craft. In recent years, with the craze of collections and traditional culture, the collection value of bird cages has also been greatly enhanced. A well-made and well-chosen bird cage is often worth a lot of money. What people appreciate is not only the craftsmanship of the bird cage, but also the traditional taste that is inseparable.

The bird cage is divided into a south bird cage and a bird cage in the north. The hometown of Chinese birdcage, the hometown of birdcage in Kara-South of Danzhai, Guizhou. Yihezhuang, Hebei Province, the hometown of North Cage.

Yihezhuang Town, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province is known as the "hometown of the North Cage". It is the ancestor of the Chinese North Cage, and the birthplace and concentrated production place of the entire Chinese Beijing Cage. The cultural and historical heritage is profound and the folk art is passed down continuously. In particular, the inheritance of the "intangible cultural heritage" of the court craft represented by "Chuzhou Ma" is even more rooted in Miaohong, and it is highly sought after by collectors at home and abroad.

Bird cage culture is a part of traditional culture. It represents a side of historical style and reflects an excitement of ancestral life. "Bei Cang" is a microcosm of the northern culture, a symbol of sentiment, like the accent habits, eating and wearing customs, marriage etiquette, deeply rooted in this fertile soil.

Bird cages, therefore, need to have the shape, structure and craftsmanship of the bird cage, so that it is suitable for the bird's activities, but also beautiful and beautiful. Bird cages can be made of materials such as bamboo, wood or metal wire, and are rectangular, round, square, flat, semi-circular, room-shaped, and waist-shaped. China's bird cages are famous for their excellent materials, fine workmanship, and suitable for both beauty and beauty. In order to adapt to the living habits of different birds, the ornamental cages are roughly divided into two types of bird cages, namely cereals and insectivores. There are canary cages, canary cages, bird cages, Braun cages, embroidered eye cages, etc. The insectivorous cages have thrush cages, point cages, and starling cages. In addition, there are budgie cages and various perching frames suitable for feeding parrots. When selecting a bird cage, the size and shape of the cage should be compatible with the type and size of the bird to be reared, that is, the life and convenient management of the bird to be kept. Generally, larger birds are taller but denser cages to avoid damage to the tail feathers. Although Braun and others are small in size, they have the habit of singing and singing. It is best to use a special high cage. Generally, the bird can use a small cage with a denser strip. Parrots, larks, etc. are large in size, and the special hard-eater birds of the mouth type are to be kept in metal cages or bird racks.


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