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How To Choose And Place Bird Cages
- Aug 28, 2018 -

How to choose and place bird cages

The choice of bird cages, the physical fitness and habits of various birds are different, so it is different when choosing bird cages.

1. Ten sisters and brocade birds, with small bird cages, nests for nests.

2. Small bird, Jinjing bird cage with medium-sized deeper, nest with pot nest. The Jinjing bird's nest is bigger, and the small bird is smaller.

3. The cage of the canary is also medium-sized, and the nest should be larger because the mating of the bird is in the nest.

4. The size of the bird is larger, and the cage should be wider. The bird is afraid of being disturbed during spawning, so use a wooden box to nest.

5. The box type of the parrot should also be larger, the nest is made of wood, and it should be straight, divided into two compartments.

6. The room where the bird cage is placed should be quiet. The average temperature is preferably 21 degrees Celsius. It should not be placed in a place where ventilation, sunlight, or other animals should be exposed to it. It is best to cover the bird cage with a cloth at night.


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