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How To Choose A Toy That Suits Your Personality
- Nov 10, 2018 -

How to choose a toy that suits your personality?

Now there may be troubles for the owner, what kind of toy to give love to the bird. There is no fixed answer to this question, depending on the personality of each parrot. Some owners bought a lot of toys in a bird cage before they knew the character of the bird. This is really a big mistake. Parrots also have so-called preferences, what they like or hate, must be decided by the birds themselves.

Bird toy

There are birds that like toys, and birds that don't like artificial toys. There is even a fear of toys. Always give it a toy that the love bird doesn't like, not only will it bother it, but also stress.

When you want to give a bird toy, please check the structure and material carefully to make sure you buy it safely (or make your own toy). Take it to the parrot before use and see how it reacts. If you are interested, show your desired attitude before you can provide it.

Bird toy

Many of the things around you can turn into toys that love birds. Like home, there are many toys for parrots to play. Such as newspapers. When you read a newspaper while you are in love with the wind, it will be interested in flipping through the paper rubbing of newspapers or the behavior of humans flipping newspapers. Even when you flip the newspaper, you fly into the newspaper. At this time, it feels like you have found a secret base, you will bite the newspaper, or prevent you from turning the newspaper, and you have a good time.

If it is a parrot that likes to raise, move, or rotate, the water-based pen, pencil, and paper clip on the table may become a toy for birds. In fact, the cockatiel that I raise is very fond of playing the game that I lost you. It will remove the aforementioned table items from the ground in order, and then give you instructions. When you pick it up, it will get rid of it. ... such a game is not greasy. Some parrots will take paper towels and then smash the paper towels into a ball. This is also a game.

Although there are all kinds of pet toys on the market, as long as you make good use of home items, you can find suitable toys for your love birds, and you don't have to spend money.


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