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How Do Budgie Toys Do
- Jan 08, 2019 -

How do budgie toys do?

There are a lot of parrot toys in the bird market or on the Internet, but isn't it more gratifying to have the toys made by the owner himself?

Let's take a look at the toys that budgies love to play.

1. Swing:

I believe that in many toys, Pippi will choose a swing, because the swing can let them stand comfortably, how to love how to marry.

Swing production:

Swing swing, don't think that the swing must be shaken, it is also possible to fix a position. [After all, many Pippis don't like to shake and shake, unbalanced] Take the wood [Wood, whatever the branches are OK, use it] Knife, what kind of plastic shape, at least three [station stick + column], use the nail to sprinkle where you want to stick, do not use glue or something [not good for Pipi]

2. Ladder:

The production of the ladder is about the same as the swing

The production of the ladder:

Take a strong rope [hemp rope, not too thick] take the right amount of wood [if it is necessary to mold the branches, it is not necessary, because it can exercise the skin of the skin] first in each Holes are made at both ends of the wood, the rope is passed through, and a knot is made underneath [to prevent the wood from falling off]. The upper end of the rope is directly tied to the cage. [What is convenient?]

3. Bite:

The nature of parrots is summed up in one word, that is, . Seeing this, you should know, oh, parrots love cockroaches, then should you take a thing to give Pippi a 'tooth'?

Production of bites:

There are many types of bites, and sticks can be used. [A branch of a branch can be used.] A ladder can also be [a ladder...] Then let's say a ball. Pippi's toy ball is sold on the Internet. Of course, the owner can make it himself. [Use something that you like to be harmless to Pippi.] The main kernel is made of hard things [preferably wood, ] The material is more convenient than one, [lifetime or something], for example, the core is made of round wood [plastic shape], with some cuttlefish bones in the middle, health mud or something [playing while adding nutrition] The outside is wrapped with some willow branches, which are relatively soft plants, and a ball is finished!


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