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What kind of toys are placed in the parrot cage
- Jul 14, 2018 -

What kind of toys are placed in the parrot cage?

First, the parrot toy in addition to providing entertainment for the parrot, but also for the grinding of the claws, suitable for wood or frosted.

Second, do not put too many things or toys in the cage, the edges of the toys are smooth, especially the best of the line type is less or directly put, it is easy to let them wrap around the feet, and if the feathers or claws are wrapped, it will cause disability, even There is danger to life.

Third, don't put too many new toys into it. In the evening, when you encounter strange toys, you are easily frightened. As a result, you can fly in the cage and hurt yourself. It is usually best to have one or two, unless your cage is oversized.

Fourth, the toy should not be too big, depending on the size of the bird or the size of the cage, the size of the toy, the size of the bird toy, may be harmful to the bird.

5. No parrot toy can guarantee 100% safety, especially for cotton rope toys. When adding new toys, be sure to carefully observe the days to confirm that it is harmless to the parrot.

6. Parrots should be changed once a week or every ten days. If they are replaced, they should be cleaned or disinfected in time. Toys used for a long time should be disinfected regularly.

7. Toys (especially wood) are destroyed and normal, and the parrots that are harmful to parrots are replaced in time.

In fact, in addition to parrot toys, there are many games for parrot entertainment:

First, place the window or bring it to the courtyard, you can take it out to climb the mountain to go shopping, pay attention: outdoor must be to the parrot to cut feathers, but also pay attention to the natural enemies of the parrot.

Second, give the parrot radio or music, by the way you can teach the parrot to talk, you can also let the parrot accompany you to watch TV. If the parrot sees his own kind on TV, it will be very exciting.

Third, when you play at home or do housework, you can put the parrot out to play, but pay attention to the risk factors of the room.

Fourth, you can also make some food skewers for the parrots, puzzle projects, and put some plants on the side of the birds.

5. When you have nothing to do, you can talk to the parrot, listen to music, chat, and increase your feelings.

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