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What are the types of bird cages
- Aug 28, 2018 -

What are the types of bird cages?

Beijingers can play, play, and play very carefully. Just say playing birds, this is probably a great initiative for Beijingers. This seemingly simple gameplay has become very particular in the hands of the old Beijingers. This article introduces the tools used by old Beijingers to raise birds. I believe that people will be enlightened by today.

(a) Bird cage

There are many kinds of bird cages, and it is known that there is a strict distinction between the words of "the cages that raise the spirits - no Taiwanese pull". To put it simply, what bird is going to enter the cage. However, the biggest difference between the bird cages is that they are "fixed cages" and the second is "row cages" because the cages are thin and the cages are thick. Let's talk about the live cage first.

The ostrich is named after the color of the item. The red is red, the blue is blue, and the sound of the tweet is different. Where the living cage is fixed, it is necessary to use white water to grind fine bamboo, especially for many years, Chen Zhu is better, to see its good texture. Secondly, Yu Yu does not cover the person, and uses the paint cage. The former Qing has a special purple paint cage, the surname Fu Xing three, known as "Fu Sanzi paint", especially the bird cage is the most famous. Because of the purple paint cage that it made, it was made of white bamboo and there was no sham. There is now a Fu San Zi paint cage, each of which is also one to twenty yuan (one bird cage). The clam cage was fifty inches five inches ago, and it was nine inches in the late Qing Dynasty. Today it is nine inches and two three points. The bamboo sticks in the bird cage are called "cage strips", and the round bamboos used in the cages are called "cage circles". There are three lanes for the "soil block" and four or five rings for the soil block. The soil block is a willow ring at the bottom, which is about 10,000 inches wide so that it can be used for summer sand storage.

The cages of the cages were forty-eight in the early years. In recent years, due to the increase in diameter, they are mostly fifty-six, because the cages of the cages must be double. In the early years of the cage circle, there were five lanes without soil blocks. In recent years, there were three lanes with soil blocks (the four-circle cages in the early years did not have five circles). The bottom of the board is the bottom of the board. The bottom of the bottom is the bottom of the strip. The bamboo used in the bottom of the strip is the same as the cage. If it is a soft bottom that is temporarily added to the bottom of the strip, there is no need for the soil block and the bottom of the board.

Red child cage "Red child" is "self-self-red", the sex is the most naughty, the mouth claws are stripped, the most vulnerable to the cage, so the red cage must be specially made. In the Qing dynasty, the red scorpion was used to make a round car awning, and the straight wire cage at both ends was called "Qiuzi cage". It is said that it was the best made by Qiu surname, and it was said to be like a scorpion. "Qiuzi". But still pay attention to the use of round bamboo cages. The red cage was nine inches in diameter at the end of the Qing Dynasty and later changed to nine inches and two three points. There are sixty, sixty, and seventy-two in the cage. In the early years, it was mostly the bottom of the strip. Later, because it also fed yellow birds, it also used the bottom of the board. The bottom of the board is usually made of plywood, but also the bottom of the paint. The bottom of the bird cage is called the bottom of the putty.

Thrush cages Feed the cages of the thrush, and some also feed the eight brothers (the name of the parrot) and the priest (the name is Qin Ji), so it is also known as the cage of the brother, must be especially enlarged (the decorations are also different). In the past, the diameter was one foot and one inch, and today it is one foot and two inches. It is twice as large as the cage and the cage is thicker. The number is between 50 and 60. The thrush cage is the bottom of the bar. The bottom of the bar is filled with a bottom plate. There are two copper screws. You can screw or pry the bottom of the plate at any time. Because the other bird cages have a bottom, there is no bottom, and there is no bottom at the bottom of the cage.

Braun cage The lark is bigger and more red, so the Braun cage is also slightly larger. The three lanes widen the soil block, there is no bird bar inside, and there is a round soil platform in the center. The earth is covered with wood, and a layer of water is added to the surface of the earth. Because the Bailing cage water tank is outside the cage, so on the soil block, leave a flat "water gate". The broth is raised by the young birds, and the hair must be removed in the middle, which has nothing to do with the cage.

Scorpion cage Scorpion is a scorpion, although it is a thick bird, but because it grows in the pond, it can learn water worms, so people feed more. The scorpion cage uses four rounds of cages, temporarily adding live soil blocks, still using the bottom of the strip, and placing a soft bottom mat.

The South Bird Cage The South Bird is not as good as it can be, but it is a favorite of color. The southern birds can hatch eggs, so there are many nests in the southern bird cage. Some of the southern birds have sharp claws that can be used to remove bird cages, such as budgies, and must be fed with wire cages. Some do not remove the bird cage, you can use bamboo cages, such as red agarwood, white jade birds. The southern bird cages are rarely settled, mostly cages, and there are also "jin cages" from Tianjin. Most of the southern bird cages are large, with bamboo sticks and bird bars, bird bars or bamboo bars, and a bird's nest. Some of the wire cages are made of wire, and some have wire and five wooden boxes.

In addition to the South Bird Cage, most of them are fixed cages. There are also cages, which are rougher than the live cage. As for the square cage, the rectangular cage, the pavilion cage, etc., all are cages. The cages are mostly caged in the south of Zhushikou, and they are also used as one or two fixed cages. On the contrary, there are several cages in the emerging bridge of Tianqiao. There are a few that are prepared for Chen Zhu. The craftsmanship is fine and can be caged. It is famous for Xiaolu and Xiaowu. In the cage of the Longfu Temple, in addition to the cage, it should be fixed. Longfu Temple Baoxing cage paved pony, specializing in the southern bird, so the South bird cage is very fine, the live cage is also done very well, and Xuanwumen Tianshun cage shop north and south shine.


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