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The history of Chinese wooden toys
- May 07, 2018 -

In China, the history of wooden toys can also be traced back to a very long time. It was learned that as early as the Song and Yuan dynasties, folk carpenters had mastered the skill of wooden craftsmanship and could make daily necessary supplies or toys. For example, when the master carpenter produces household items such as furniture and agricultural implements for the head of the household, he also needs to purchase several wooden toys for the children, such as a baby stroller, a Luban lock, a jigsaw puzzle board, and a wooden spinning top. As a result, people began to make primitive wooden toys that are relatively simple to manufacture. In addition, there are two kinds of wooden toys that are popular in ancient and modern China and abroad. In large-scale traditional festivals, it can often be seen that Gao Yan is one of the main programs of the game in the celebration of Yunnan's ethnic minorities in China today. Gyro is also a wooden toy that exists worldwide, dating back to ancient Greece 250 years BC. Wooden gyros are still commonplace. Remember that in the 1950s, boys in our country were still very popular with wooden gyros. In Shanghai dialect, it is called "bone head".

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