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Swing parrot toy
- May 07, 2018 -

The toes of the parrot are opposite (two in the front and two in the back), so it is very suitable for catching branches and learning to hang bats upside down. The swinging toys include swings, ladders, large rings, which can be divided into single swings or double swings, or even Many pendulum, swinging materials can be used cotton rope (Chinese knot rope), hemp rope (to be slightly cooked dry), metal refining and plastics for washing clothes...

A pendulum type:

Hole-piercing blocks, wooden beads, large buttons, cardboard, and raw hides can be used to string together and be knotted. Knots or bells can be used at the end.

Bridge B (horizontal):

Use hooks to secure both ends of the skewer in the cage, with beads, cloth, and buttons in the middle.

C double swing style:

When the wood or PVC pipe is in the middle, and both sides are fixed with sub-twisters, they can be fixed with O-type screws and big head screws, and then hang on the cage with hooks.

D ladder:

Tied with a rope into a ladder, and then hung up with a hook, or a drill, using a drill hole to pick up the wood ladder.