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Partner Toys
- May 07, 2018 -

Most parrots are social animals in the wild. They love to have physical contact with other partners, whether they are parents, friends, or the other half.

A. Safely stuffed toys, such as bears and puppies, will usually be accepted by young birds, but if they are adults, the size of the toy will not exceed the size of the bird; this type of toy should pay attention to whether the bird swallows the stuffing of the toy. Replace your own safe stuff like mung beans.

B. Sometimes raising a bird can only be done by using a mirror instead. However, the mirror cannot be kept. If you are obsessed with the mirror, you will have psychological problems with the bird.

C. Hand-sewn small pillows, small houses, small toys.

D. Wash the coconut shell, cut in half, and hang it on the height of the bird's wood.