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How to keep warm for parrots in winter?
- May 07, 2018 -

The vast majority of domestic parrots come from tropical or temperate regions, so it is very important to keep the parrots warm during the winter. In southern China, where the temperature is high, the host can avoid special care. As long as wind protection is available, and in the middle or north of China, when the winter temperature is low, the owner is required to carefully maintain the warmth of the parrot.

In winter, it is cold outside, and parrots under 10 degrees can't stand it. So it's best to get it indoors. If there's heating in the room, it's better, and the owner can feed according to normal feeding methods. If the temperature is low, it should be appropriate to add some nutrients to the parrot to withstand the cold, such as adding some oil seeds in the food, etc., drinking water should not be too ice, use some warm water, change frequently. Do not put parrots on the air outlets, shelter them from the wind, or use plastic panels or boards to cover the outside of the cages with a windscreen, or use a ceramic lamp to insulate them. Putting a black cloth on the lights at night can help the parrot rest.