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How to choose the right habitat for a parrot?
- May 07, 2018 -


Even the same parrot, the size of the feet is not necessarily the same. Experts believe that the parrot's feet can cover 75% of the habitat (about three-quarters of the entire habitat), which is the most ideal and comfortable. The purpose is to reduce the burden on the parrot's foot bones. The zygomatic bone (a series of joints, like the hands and toes, and the bones most used by birds) cannot always be flat.

2. The number of perches

Some people asked how many species of perches should be placed in the cage. Experts suggest that there should be three habitats in a cage, a comfortable open habitat, and two habitats of different materials and sizes. This will make the cage more enjoyable, but it will not appear too crowded.

3. Habitat species

Natural habitat: Refers to natural branches. Because the heat emitted by the natural branches will make the parrot feel very comfortable, the natural thickness changes also provide different resting points for parrot activities, so natural habitat is also the first choice for resting habitats.

Abrasive toe: Also known as grinding claws, it is made of concrete or other composite materials. The surface is made of special materials that can grind the toenails of parrots and help keep them in their best condition.

Synthetic perches: including cotton ropes, hemp ropes, edible habitats, and plastic synthetic habitats. Many styles and different functions are provided, so there are no restrictions on the location of the habitats, and some can even be placed in cages. A safe rest area in any place allows parrots to accompany the owner at any time