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How to arrange a cage for a parrot?
- May 07, 2018 -

Domesticated parrots spend most of their time in cages, and if they are often in a small, monotonous space it will inevitably be boring. A long time can even cause depression. We, as owners, naturally have the responsibility to arrange small homes for them. But is the bigger the cage, the better?

In actual fact, oversized cages will occupy a lot of space and make cleaning a difficult task. When choosing a cage, the length and width are the minimum to allow the parrot to turn around without hindrance, the height can be higher, and the parrot can be climbed. The parakeet naturally chooses a more spacious cage so as not to strain the tail. Small parrots such as tiger skin, peony, and Xuanfeng can choose plastic utensils, while large and medium-sized parrots can choose stainless steel because of their strong bite.

In addition, some wooden blocks, hanging strings, ropeways, rope ladders, etc. can be added to the cages for the parrots to play. The pet shop will sell them, and it will be better for them to make their own products. It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of materials that are non-toxic and non-toxic and have rounded corners. Processing. This will make the parrot less boring in the time you can't accompany it. Of course, toys can always be better and better, and parrots are also very picky players!